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Juggle Juice!

Have you ever started your day and thought, "How will I get it all done today?"? If you have ever had that thought, then it is NOT likely that you got it all done. Life can often be overwhelming and trying to juggle it all can prove to be an ever-revolving challenge. There are things that can be done to juggle it all...some "juice" if you will.

The odds are high that the keys below to balancing daily activities are not new to you so as you read it one, know that there is not a secret formula but just encouragement to get going and move forward!

  1. Make a schedule or a to do list

  2. Be sure to put YOU on the list

  • Quiet time

  • Prayer time

  • Exercise time

  • Relaxing time

  • Breathing time

  • Etc.

3. Add tasks that you can realistically accomplish (sometimes, I add simply tasks just so I can motivate myself by crossing it off!)

4. Follow your list! Always be ready for the unexpected and for changes.

See, I told you, no real secrets here-you have heard all of this before. The biggest walk away... make time for you. Make time for God. And everything else will work out as you work it out.

So, as someone that tries daily to find the juice to juggle it all, I also want to suggest getting adequate sleep, drinking lots of water, eating healthy, and baking (or ordering) cookies as often as possible!

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