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And So It Begins

Sonia Green, Baker, Owner, Cake Designer photo of face, smiling, wearing glasses

Hello! My name is Sonia Renee, I am the baker and design artist for Simply Radiant Sweets. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and support Simply Radiant Sweets. I am so incredibly excited to help create confections that make you smile. No matter your request, from fun to elegant to decadent or just uniquely you, my passion is to create tasty delights that are just as delicious inside as outside.

Simply Radiant Sweets was birthed from what became a career-defining conversation with a friend. I immediately knew that baking was my heart's joy and that it was time to step out on faith. I wanted to follow a long-time passion to bake and create art. That conversation enriched my life and now I want to help make your special moments a little sweeter.​

Simply Radiant Sweets is excited to announce the launch of BiggTone's Cookies. My husband, Tony, is leading the development and production of his new cookie line! I am extremely proud to offer his delicious BIGG cookies. You will love these cookies!


Life is an adventure. We learn, we love, we grow, we cry, we lose, and we celebrate. There are so many facets of life that brings everyone together, in my family, we thrive on the belief that family, friends, and faith go hand-in-hand. To me, nothing is more uniting than food, dessert, and good company. Sweet treats delight us and send thoughts of joy and happiness.

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