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Baking with LOVE

Do you remember the smell of someone special cooking or baking something in your past? Waking up to grandma's biscuits or dad's winter chili. Our sense of smell can take us right back to those days. Time after time they took such pride in preparing a perfect meal for one of the people that they love the most.

I feel that is the way preparing a meal family or a baking a sweet treat for someone's special occasions; I think most every occasion is special! There should be joy, happiness, and love added as the special ingredients. Baking takes time, energy, and creativity. I would have never thought that I'd get such joy from awaiting someone to taste a cake or see their reaction to a design or flavor. What joy there is in mixing my heart's joy in the simpler ingredients that I use. The most valuable ingredient I use is always in stock and it is always in EVERY treat!

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