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Small Space, BIG Ideas!

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

I am constantly looking for new ways to stay organized and sane. I do not have a large work area so I build up and I utilize as much wall space as possible. My walls house aprons, hats, ribbons, and shelf for an abundance of sprinkles. My shelves are constantly expanding and my business expands.

Today I purchased an additional shelf to add to the height of an existing shelf. I now have a place to store my excess towels and oven mitts, food colorings, some cake stands, and mixing bowls. I don't believe we can every be too organized because baking can be very hectic and minutes count. By being organized I won't spend 25 minutes looking for the mold with the bubble effect only to give up and buy a new one...only to find the original one a week later. So please learn from my mistakes and organize, organize, organize.


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